BoWhore NYC Jewelz Bio

Jewelz, aka Bo, has always been a fashionista.

Never content to rock what others were wearing.  Throughout her school years, Jewelz designed and redesigned anything she could get her hands on and honed a talent for predicting and downright creating trends. 

Her passion, talent and obsession for shoes have led her to create, BoWhore NYC.  Many may fret over the name, but a person rocking BoWhore is daring, defiant and confident -- just loves it.  BoWhore is simply a lover of bows.  One who dares to stand out and be different in their own way.  Definitely not fan of conforming to society's norm. 

Today, the ever-evolving designer creates clothing, shoes and anything else she decides.  Her signature designs include a variety of materials and styles ranging from contemporary to the most unconventional as well as her infamous skull and bows.  No matter who's wearing it or what, BoWhore clothing is unmistakable and always recognizable. 

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